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  Dr. Hubert Begasse :

„..A world of sensual enjoyment appears to us in his work.

Intution, spontaneity,

a high degree of colour intensity and a vivacious Imagination

mark his oeuvres.

Carried by a positive basic tendency his work spread the charm of creativity…“     

„Something better never happened to coffee granules“


     Dr. Elisabeth Geschwind:

„The artists works sparkle with color buzzing creativity.

His creations always move on

a stage-like level.

He shakes the kaleidoscope of

his creative imagination and

his motive- codes assemble

to more new artful sequences.“

In 2000 he published his first Poetry-Collection under the titel „Kunstgedichte“ 2012 second volume „Kunstgedichte II“.

2005  - 2015 Merlin Flu lived and worked in the „National Park Eifel“.

Wall painting 1979
with Christine 1986
Duesseldorf 1994
Cologne 1978
during an opening

Hartmut Schirrmacher aka Merlin Flu

was born 1948 in Baden-Württemberg, South-Germany.

Growing up in orphanages he startet drawing and writing poetry at an early age already.

1973 he absolved the artistic giftes testing and received the approval for study at the branch of the Düsseldorf Academy of Art in Münster.

One year later he broke off:

„There was something inside of me wich resisted the

mere and more often than not monotonous reproduction of technical skills“.

Without sketches, topic or concept, he draws and composes from within.

Künstlerisches Werk

         Dr. Michael Thalken:

“The '68 revolt, he experienced at the age of 20.

The spirit of the subsequent years will be decisive for his artistic


For internal and external freedom

of the individual's he stands up, down to present day.

He is perhaps one of the last artist from this time, who submits entirely to his intuition and spirituality.”

Schleiden 2005
Opening 1980
Radschlaeger (cartwheeler)
Henkel AG, Duesseldorf
„Vision“ coffeeburned painting

In the Seventies lhe lived and worked in Freiburg,

Heidelberg und Cologne.

1980 he settled down in Duesseldorf for the next 25 years,

presenting his works of art at numerous individual and

group exhibitions on national and international ground.

In 1988 the artist created a series of drawings and paintings with coffee granules dissolved in water.

In the early Nineties’ he further developed this technique

into „coffee burning“.

In 1990, he was diagnosed with

multiple sclerosis.

In the following years due to the ongoing, physical disability is also dwindling eye-sight and sensitivity of his hands.

Since 1996, he expresses his style in

large-sized acrylic graphics and bold colours.

His profile of work was expanded by steel objects, sculptures and mystical lyricism.

Most of the actual paintings and sculptures includes crystals as a new stylistic element - drawing the viewers attention on to certain details of the artwork.