Merlin Flu 
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Burned intellect - none can direct the afflicted brain.

Lament and profanity, helpless quest for noble sanitiy -

long since drowned in the bloody rain.

Hearts are dark, thoughts made of bark, frozen time, death is thine.

The blackest heart for you who pine,

lie down you must  - with common dust in silvery shine.

Frozen stiff our every stay, cold wind through my soul today.

Dread and dead - the snowman red - childrens hands all stiff and stark.

Skybound stars mark their bloody course,

stillborne spring draws its lifeless hearse - all hope dispersed -

life frail as glass.

O War where is thy victory ?

Hate where is thy mastery ?

Only love can save us from the doomed morass !


                                                                                 (Translated by Mrs. Borsch)

Press comment:

"Dreaming fool who indulges the love"

- The new book -

"Merlin Flu resists all styles and trends.

As in the fine art he claims to the right for himself to work freely in poetics too -

really calculated against the spirit of the time in many respects -

wich indicates a remarkable independance..."

- Sophia Willems, Westdeutsche Zeitung -

German review of the  Eifeler Press Agency

From you

Morning dew upon your lashes

glistens to me as paradise.

Like ropes of pearls a tear

is blazing its way on your cheek.

I’ll pik it up and knew

I’ll always belong - eternally - to you.

I love you !

„Running tears“
 Water color

Mystical messages, visions of hope, love and belief -

of suffering, powerlessness and happiness.

A lyrical rainbow of human emotions,  illustrated with

water colour paintings and graphical drawings by the artist.

A duplicate of it is exhibited in English together with

an illustration

at the collection of the Majdanek Museum in Poland.

Surreal diary, thoughts and poems

64 pages, illustrated with numerous works of art

ISBN 978-3-8448-1716-4, Price: 11.90 Euro

As book or Ebook (9.90 €)  In german language

available e.g. at: